Our Team: We Want To Say Hello!

Charlie and Niamh- The Writers

We’re in charge of the blogging!

Hi, we’re Charlie and Niamh!
We need someone to actually write the blogs, and that falls mainly to us! We may not be any good, but we love to write! We’re creative people, and love to express through words and art. Sharing our experiences is something we have always enjoyed, and now our best friends and we, can share with you!

Through our blog posts, we hope you are transported away with us, experiencing the wonders of other countries. Writing can be difficult, but we hope that you enjoy what we have to say. We look forward to bringing you along on our journey with us!

Emma – The Researcher

I’m in charge of making sure we know what we’re doing!

Hi, I’m Emma!
It’s really important to be organised when you go away anywhere, especially abroad! We’re travelling on a budget, so we need to be extra careful that we have every event possible, planned for; we definitely don’t want to run out of funds whilst we’re away!

I love to look around, finding good deals and unique trips that we can go on. We like to experience the real country, not just the tourist areas. As well as finding things that are a must to add to your bucket list. This can be difficult, but I like a challenge!

Emily – The Social Media Whizz

I’m in charge of our social media platforms!

Hi, I’m Emily!
Not only do we blog, but share photos and videos! As we travel, we may not have time to blog more than once a day, if we are able to even do that! Through social media like Instagram, we hope to be able to share experiences as they happen!

When we return from our adventures, we aim to work together to create videos of our experiences. We want to make sure that we can share these with you all, and I’ll do my best to ensure that we can!