Why Are We Blogging?

We’re all new to the world of blogging, and to be honest, we’re learning as we go! 

Seeing the world has gradually become more popular over time, bringing us to the present day. Last year in 2018, a staggering 1.32 billion tourists arrived in countries all over the world, according to United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO). We want to add four more to that! 

Whilst we are inspired to travel the world, to see different cultures and landscapes, we are also passionate about caring for our world. It may seem strange that a group of four want to help protect the world, and help change what we as a species have got wrong, whilst travelling by air.

Should we be using Air Travel?

Its not an easy question to answer, but in short, we don’t need to worry too much. Air travel is one of the more efficient ways to travel, in some cases, even more so than cars! It’s not easy to simply say that air travel is better, due to the variety of factors- for example, the amount of passengers, amount of fuel it holds, and the flight distance. However, longer flights are more efficient than shorter distances, as airplanes burn large amounts of fuel during takeoff. Even though air travel does undoubtedly have negative impacts on the environment, the fact that we are visiting those other countries and spending our money, does have a positive impact.

Tourism can be a Positive to the Environment

Tourism generates a large amount of income in countries, allowing the country to develop. This in turn can allow for greener energy, increase in recycling possibilities, cultural and environmental preservation, and generates more funds for conservation projects. 

As a result, we are offering economic support in the preservation of what’s left of our planet, and striving to clean up what has been damaged! So, tourism isn’t all negative in respect of the environment, and we don’t need to worry that we will be using air travel. 

On our journeys, we hope to join in conservation projects and raise money for those and other projects. We would love to share our experiences, and want to use this blog to do just that! With help from photos and videos, we hope to give you all an insight into what we see and do, and hopefully show you the positive effects of conservation and the various cultures and activities we experience. 

We’re excited to get started, and we hope you join us on our adventures!