What We Ate Wednesday 18.09.19

We love to watch ‘What I eat in a day’ videos, as we are always looking for new recipes to inspire us. Knowing what fruit and veg are in season means that there is an abundance of flavourful ingredients, adding that little something to our meals- but we need the recipes to go with them! If we find something we like, we want to make sure that we remember it! But we also want to share it with you, in case you may like it as well.

So we thought we’d try a ‘What we ate Wednesday’ as a way to experiment more with our recipes, and we can see what we enjoy the most. Of course, as this is only one day a week, it’s only a small ‘snippet’. However, if we find something we like, we will share it anyway! Somedays we are fully vegan, cook from scratch, plan the next few days’ meals; whilst others we may be quite lazy, and resort to what we have in the freezer.


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. That’s what we’re all told right? If we’re honest (which we definitely are!) we struggle with breakfast. We need to have something there and ready- unless we’re feeling inspired, we very rarely cook something from scratch that morning. So, we prepare our breakfasts in advance, whatever they’d be. This week, we made a big batch of granola- PERFECT. Minimal effort in the morning. Partnered with Percol Peruvian Coffee, it doesn’t get much better.

We found our recipe from Nadia’s Healthy Kitchen, and it’s our favourite! We of course have slightly altered it each time…… we all know we never have all the right ingredients and so have to improvise!

S N A C K # 1

Very rarely do we get to lunch without having a snack, and today is no exception! We actually went out today, and had a coffee (yes another one!) made with raw milk. On the rare occasions that we do have ‘actual’ milk, we choose to have raw milk. We buy it from a farm local to us- Plaw Hatch Farm, and get our coffee from Paca Harts Coffee. And of course we had to get some goodies! You can’t have just coffee can you?


Lunch is always a chaotic, trying to find something in the fridge (if we haven’t meal prepped the previous Sunday). It usually differs between leftovers, the fresh meal prepped salads and pasta, or whatever we can find! Today was the latter. Looking in the fridge today resulted in garlic fried mushrooms and cabbage, with the last avocado. Quick, easy, and VERY tasty!

S N A C K # 2

Yet another snack (of course). We love crisps, and finding some that aren’t full of chemicals is a huge help! At the moment we are loving ‘Off The Eaten Path Pea and Bean Sticks’, especially the caramelised onion and balsamic vinegar flavour. They are perfect as a snack, although it’s hard not to eat the whole packet…..


Dinner is usually when we experiment with new recipes, however today we had been really busy and wanted something quick. Fried rice it is! Charlie isn’t a huge fan of fried rice, but paired with the Tamari sauce and Toasted Sesame Oil, we have fried rice she’ll ‘happily’ eat. This is a great meal to add in a few bits that you have laying around in the fridge and cupboards, and can turn into a great use up what’s in the cupboards meal!

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