‘Living In A Plastic World’

Plastic is a growing issue that is slowly getting more recognised. We are all aware of the pictures on social media of sea life becoming entangled in fishing nets, and being suffocated by plastic bags, but what else does plastic impact; and why was it allowed to get to this stage? Well if you’re like us, you may not know a great deal!

That was, until we wrote our book.  



The idea for the book is due to a variety of events that took place within a short space of time. It was these that made us realise that we needed to change the way we live in regards to plastic. At the beginning, it was just to better ourselves. 

That changed when we started our research. 

We watched the series ‘Hugh’s War on Plastic’ which kickstarted everything. It was here that we saw just how awful the situation is in regards to waste in general. If that wasn’t bad enough, we then saw the plastic. At the same time, there was a health scare in one of our families, which lead to a diet change- switching to mainly vegetarian/vegan. We started to buy our fruit and veg from a local market style shop, and loved that we had much less packaging waste- with the aim that we wouldn’t be throwing away any packaging. 

We noticed that our landfill was getting lower every week, with recycling mainly consisting of cardboard and plastic. We’d heard a ‘rumour’ of recycling sometimes going to landfill, which we wanted to investigate further. We then became entangled in a web of information; information that was hard to understand at some points. Once we’d started, we couldn’t stop- weeks of research seemed to bring up nothing but horror stories, horrendous facts, and sickening reports. Throughout the research, we had passed the point of ‘blindness’ from not being told the whole truth, and had just become angered. 

We decided that, as we had started to understand the information we had found, we should put it all in once place. If you want to find out more about plastic, it’s not always the easiest. Wanting to know even more, we went right back to the start, to see where it all went wrong- and there are a few very disturbing things that we discovered in regards to when the impacts of plastic were actually discovered. 

So we have put it all in one place. 

Living In A Plastic World Cover


We want to show the journey of plastic- from its creation to being a saviour, through its abuse and problems, to the misconceptions and alternatives. 

It’s quite scary stuff, and once you’ve read it, you can’t unlearn it! That being said, we think it’s very important in today’s culture. There’s explanations, facts, and our own opinions on a few of the facts. Through research and what we have put in the book, we have been able to finally answer the question ‘What is Plastic?’ which is something we could not do before. Our aim is that once you’ve read the book, you will have formed your own answer and opinion, in regards to plastic.

It’s a perfect coffee time read, but remember, reusable coffee cups only!