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Hello! Welcome to the home of CAE Lifestyle…. 

We are Charlie and Emma, the two 19 year olds behind it all. We are passionate about all things health, for both ourselves and our Earth. We have found out some quite scary things, and feel that everyone should know! So here we are, having set up CAE Lifestyle to spread awareness and share information on ways to better ourselves and our planet, with the aim of dedicating our lives to trying to fix this problem. 

How passionate are we? Very! We’ve recently published an ebook on the most pressing current issue – Plastic.



Well really, it’s many events that all mixed together over actually, a long period of time. It seemed that only one major event, a health scare in one of our families, was what kick-started it all. However, when we think back, it’s been building up for a while. 

We are always bombarded with how we as a species are damaging our Earth, which was very evident during our education. Charlie, doing Geography at A-Level, made the problems more evident than ever with full topics on human impact on the Earth. 

During the same time, there was the health scare (actually, there has been two). After taking on the advice of doctors with no avail, we turned to other professionals. A family friend, specialising in nutrition, first opened our eyes to alternative diets. We took some on board, but of course, it requires total dedication from everyone to completely change that aspect of our lives. 

We have grown up watching documentaries about our Earth; watching it degrade over the years as a result of human need (or do we dare say greed…). Then programmes on waste started to pop up, companies making reusable products, and then plastic started to drip in. With Emma having to listen to Charlie’s rants on that very subject as they were showing up in her Geography course, it really showed just how widely spread (and well known!) this issue was. 

It was our initial interest that led to us looking into plastic in particular. It was the question of ‘If chemicals in the water can harm animals, then how can it not also impact us?’. And so it began. 


We’ve surely all heard of chemicals leaking into the water supply that harms the wildlife, but have definitely all heard of plastic killing marine wildlife. We wanted to know more – more impacts, more detail, what’s currently being done to tackle this and what more can be done. 


This is a crucial word in all of this. We dedicated months to research – research that really has completely changed the way that we live. Through it all, we simply became angered. Angered by the industry, by how we are being lied to, how by trying to help we are actually adding to the problem, and how we can stop it all. Yes, there is a future for our Earth! There are things that are being done – conservation, product development, material compound research. But not enough. 

It was through this process that our passion really developed and showed itself. I mean, we admit it’s got to the point that we just rant the whole way around the supermarket. Not just because of the impact on the Earth, but also on our health. In amongst the research, there was a direct correlation between the alternative diet foods, and the amount of waste (particularly plastic). This was evident to us when we started to look. And there’s the other point that’s also crucial. 

We’ve looked. 


Despite what we had been told by our nutritionalist friend, it was the addition of the plastic problem that really gave us that extra nudge and motivation. Pretty quickly after this, it all started to ‘fall into place’. We decided that we needed to reduce our plastic consumption – both as consumers and users. 

Deciding that we didn’t want to be ‘controlled’ by big businesses, we took our friend’s advice, and are adopting the vegetarian/vegan lifestyles (Charlie is vegan) in an attempt to forge & follow our own path. By doing this, we have noticed how much easier it can be to buy products with little or no plastic. We are fortunate to live near some very good zero waste shops that also offer reusable and alternative packaging options. 

The self-care products have also been affected. No more plastic where possible! By doing this, we are also using natural products – products that are better for our health as well. Result! We are also doing some of our own things, like turning Charlie’s mum’s wedding dress into fruit and veg bags for example. Extreme we know, but now it has another use! 


Sharing it! We are primarily blog based, as a simple way to share what we find. We enjoy writing reviews on products that we find – products that are natural, recyclable, or contain no plastic for example. 

With half of each of our families having different views or different levels of motivation on the subject, we believe we are facing the challenges that most families face. So we aim to write blogs on what ourselves and our families are using, and how they can ‘merge’ between essentially, two different lifestyles under one roof. 

However, as plastic is such a large problem, we went one step further and wrote an ebook! We weren’t planning on it, but we had so much information from the months of research, that we felt that we had a responsibility to share it. 

Throughout it all we were bombarded with endless contradictions making it seemingly impossible to find the facts. But what was clear, are the lies and confusion we are fed. Once we’d found what we believed to be the the facts, we thought of putting it all in one place so we could tell friends and family. But we realised that we shouldn’t just share it with people we know, everyone should be able to learn it. It took us months to find out what we now know (and we’re still learning) and some people simply don’t have the time to compare research papers and endless articles to find the truth – something we should be getting anyway! 

So ‘Living In A Plastic World’ was born. 

An ebook that shows the journey of plastic – from its creation to being a saviour, through its abuse and problems, to the misconceptions and alternatives. We went right back to the start, to see where it all went wrong – and there are a few very disturbing things that we discovered in regards to when the impacts of plastic were actually discovered for example. 

We will all undoubtedly have different opinions as to what plastic is. Our aim is that, through putting all the (we believe) relevant information in one place, readers will be able to form theirs. We think it’s important that we all understand the consequences and risks of the way that we are currently living, but we need the information to do that. We hope that our book helps. 

Want to know about it in more detail? Read this blog! 
‘Living In A Plastic World’

We hope that we can inspire you to make a change, as well as showing you just how easy it can be to make a positive impact for both yourself and our Earth.