Hi, I’m Charlotte Emily! 

I promise I do my best with the content I provide, but I’m just like you and make mistakes! 

If you’re interested in the boring stuff, it’s all below… 

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Those based on my opinion generally relate around products. These include food, beauty or nature products. The content is opinion-based and is not be taken as fact. Readers are not to expect the same thoughts or results if using a product themselves. My opinions are solely my own, and any others will be clearly marked as to avoid confusion. 

Blog posts with information provided is either my opinion or what I believe and/or understand to be true, based on facts. Facts and information included are readily available to anyone and everyone online or in books, and can always be sourced if required. As the information around facts in based on my understanding, there may be errors or an absence of other relevant information, and may not be 100% accurate. I cannot guarantee that I have included all of the necessary information relating to a particular subject, resulting in potential need for additional research. 

The content is for both informative and education purposes – it is not to be taken as professional advice in relation to health, or any other field. I am not a  professional. Following any advice I have given is done so at your own risk. If looking for advice, please ask a licensed professional. 

As the blog and business owner, I have the right to change how information is managed, displayed or shared on my blog.  


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