Eco Self Care

Do you want to know how to reduce your impact on the Earth, whilst also having a positive impact on your life? If the answer is yes, you’re in the right place! So welcome to the eco self care bit! 

Who wants to live a healthy and balance lifestyle, whilst also wanting the respect the environment in which they’re living? We hope that most people will answer with a large ‘MEEE!’

But who has trouble knowing what to do in order to do just that? Wants to change, but doesn’t know what to do first? Has heard the horror stories, and isn’t sure what to believe? Knows how important it is for your health and the Earth’s to live with care, but doesn’t know where to start? Sound familiar? 

We are by no means experts, and we’re sure that’s evident, but these are the questions we found ourselves asking. We decided we wanted to do something about it, and would like to share what works for us! 

A Bit About Us

Whilst we are also passionate about the food we eat, we really care about ourselves and the environment in which we live. As a result, we are working on living ‘eco friendly lives’ where possible. We want to make it known that this is not just through ‘natural’ beauty regimes, it fully extends to every aspect of our lives. No plastic, no chemicals (so yes, natural products!), reusing, no wastage, organic products and general alternatives. We are living in a period of time where everything seems to lead to ‘the end of the world’. It is an issue that is being talked about more and more, and yet nothing is seemingly being done on a large scale, and certainly not quick enough. We want to show that anyone can make small changes, that can make big impacts. There are many way of doing this, and one of which is through really thinking about the products you use.

Therefore, we would like to highlight what can be changed, and the implications of that. There is no ‘right or wrong’. That is important to remember. It’s just how much you want to help. Even the smallest changes will make a difference.

Although we both make changes, these differ between us, and some may seem extreme to you! For example Charlie decided to go ‘cold turkey’ and stop washing her hair straight away and work through the transition stage, whereas Emma is gradually modifying her routines by using more mainstream approaches with natural ‘soap bars’. This shows two examples, with ultimately the same aim and thus, outcome. There is no ‘right or wrong’

In our experience, it’s impossible to achieve the desired outcome overnight. It’s certainly taken us some time, and we’re still learning and adapting now. It’s not quick, it’s hard work, and it does take some planning- at least for us it has. Some things are easier to change than others, but we are trying. Plastic does still show up in our day to day lives, but much less than it used too, although none would be ideal. It’s a work in progress. 

What to Look For

Whilst we do want to share our tried and tested findings, they will not all be success stories. Sharing what hasn’t worked for us is important, as it may work for others, or discourage you from making mistakes that we have. 

We love to find new products that we can use, to further reduce our impact on the Earth. Of course, we would love to use products that are great for our wellbeing as well, so this is our aim. We want to show that when looking after yourself and the Earth, you don’t always need to invest a lot of money into products. It can be done simply. Yes it may not always be ‘Instagram worthy’, but if it works, it doesn’t matter! 

We all know about the problems regarding carbon dioxide, plastic, and chemicals. In fact, some of the information that we have uncovered, is quite frightening. We also know just how difficult it is to make the leap. We didn’t know how or where to start, and we are by no means experts at this, just like many others. So by talking about products we use, don’t use, what we like, and what we are doing on our own, we hope to make it easier for someone who wants to make the change, but may be struggling.