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Are you here because you want to make a change to the way you eat? Do you want to reduce your impact on the Earth through the food that you eat? You’re in the right place! So welcome to the food bit

Who likes food? We think it’s safe to assume that almost anyone will answer that question with a large ‘MEEE!’ 

But who has trouble knowing what to cook? Has ideas but doesn’t have the motivation to make them? Wants to eat more fruit and veg, but is afraid of backlash from the rest of the family? Knows how important it is for your health and the Earth’s to eat well, but doesn’t know where to start? Sound familiar? We are by no means experts, and we’re sure that’s evident, but we enjoy cooking and would like to share it! 

A Bit About Us

So why are we doing this? We are passionate about the food we eat, how it potentially affects us, and where that food ultimately comes from. We are living in a critical period of time where every action seems to lead to ‘the end of the world’. It is an issue that is being much more apparent now, as we are slowly creeping towards a point of no return. Scary right? We want to show that anyone can make small changes, that can cause much bigger positive impacts. There are many ways of doing this, and one is with the food we choose to eat. 

Therefore, we would like to highlight what can be changed, and the implications of that. There is no ‘right or wrong’. That is important to remember. It’s just how much you want to help. 

Whilst we do want to share our favourite vegan and vegetarian recipes, we do want to point out that we do still like meat products, and eat them every now and then. We are choosing to adopt the vegan and vegetarian diets for the majority of our meals for a few reasons; mainly because of the health benefits, and the benefits to the Earth. However, we do love to travel and experience different cultures, and food is a major part of cultures. So, we will choose to have meat when trying traditional foods, but we do not have it repeatedly. 

What to Look For

Sharing is what we like to do. Whether it be recipes, nutritional information, and tips that we have found to work for us- anything to show just how easy and fun it can be to experiment with the food we eat, and be looking after ourselves and the Earth in the process. 

As well as our favourite recipes, we love to experiment with new ones, and try a variety of flavours. Living with people who are very much meat eaters, finding the balance for them is key. Through alternatives we have discovered, it’s actually very easy to ‘trick’ your mind into thinking you’re eating meat, with the use similar flavours and textures. This makes it much easier for someone who wants to make the change, but may be struggling. 

It’s no secret that a lot of people believe that with vegan and vegetarian diets, you are losing out on protein, fibre and vitamins, for example. However, from our research we have realised that this isn’t true, and is actually the opposite. This is what we would like to share. 

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