Do you love to travel, or love to look and experience different cultures? Seeing how food and general day to day life varies between countries? If the answer is yes, you’re in the right place! So welcome to the travel bit! 

We are aware that we want to be as eco friendly as possible in our day to day lives, and the fact that we are travelling (specifically by air), we are going against that. However, we want to see how other countries are doing their part. Until an alternative fuel is used, or air travel is improved, we don’t have too much choice. We’re positive that in the future, there will be a commercial alternative! 

A Bit About Us

We are very passionate about the environment and how to look after ourselves positively. However, we are also very interested in seeing other countries, and how their cultures differ. As we are interested in food, this is one of the main differences that we look for- there is such a variation in flavours and ingredients, it just shows us how boring our ‘everyday’ food can be. In addition to food, cultures also extend to how people live their daily lives. We are aware of various countries implementing different ‘eco plans’ in order to try and tackle Climate Change and general destruction of the Earth. This is also something we want to experience. 

From looking at other countries, we want to find new ways to improve ourselves and the way we live. There are so many countries out there that do more than us, and those can also be better than what we currently have in place. Why not learn from others in order to better yourself? We all do, so what’s the difference with the country as a whole doing it? 

Whilst we do want to experience the food and ‘eco plans’, we do also what to see the countries as a whole. This means that we do want to travel to countries that may not have adopted any sort of ‘eco plans’. When we travel, we wish to learn. However, we do aim to see as much of the world as possible, which means sometimes there may not be an ‘eco reason; as to why we have travelled there. Although saying that, there is always something that can be learned from someone else. 

What to Look For

We love to travel and experience something we’re not accustomed to; and we want to document it. Whether it be a ‘fun trip’, or one specifically to research eco related projects, we want to share it. We love to see how other countries are looking after themselves and the Earth, and if you’re here on our blog, chances are that you do too! 

Though videos, photos, and most likely very wordy blogs, we will share different methods and regulations that have been put in place in various locations. And of course, all cultures, architecture, food, will be included- even when something doesn’t go to plan (which is very likely with us two!). But that doesn’t matter, it’s all part of the fun!